Northern Quality Farms, fresh pork, eggs and hay square bales
Northern Quality Farms, fresh pork, eggs and hay square bales

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    Quality hay for Sale in Earlton, Ontario
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    On our family farm we are growing hay with the focal point being small square bales, generally 32”x18”x14” averaging 45lbs. We grow a timothy/alfalfa mix which is green, dry, and mold free. Focussing on the equine industry our aim is to produce the finest quality hay for your horses. That being said we have sold to dairy, sheep and goat farmers as our hay will meet the feed requirements of most foraging animals. A lab tested feed analysis is always available with each crop we harvest. All our hay is stored inside. Delivery is available.

    The D’Hondt family puts in a strong team effort during the harvest season to make the best hay possible. Mother Nature is not always kind but the will and determination of Kevin (hubby), Brigitte (wifey), Lourena (farmer’s daughter #1), Sarah (farmer’s daughter #2) and Leo (our little guy who offers tremendous moral support); together we are resolute in providing you with the best quality feed for your animals. In accordance with supply and demand, the price for hay can fluctuate from year to year. As many people know Mother Nature ultimately determines how much hay is available each year. In those tough years when hay is in short supply, anyone who has to purchase their hay will have experienced those sky high prices. To alleviate this uncertainty we offer our returning customers the chance to pre-book their hay at a set price. Customers now have the ability to budget for the year. This also takes some of the worry out of trying to source their hay in this unpredictable North country. We stay in contact with our customers to let them know our progress through first and second cut because as mentioned we are dealing with Mother Nature so it is not always possible to completely fill every order. When the haying season is complete we let everyone know how successful we were and set up a delivery schedule. Commit to Northern Quality Farms all your hay requirements and we will be committed to offer you quality hay at a fair, consistent price.

    Upcoming 2014 haying season – two thirds of our hay crop is a 70/30 timothy/alfalfa mix. In 2013 we seeded down some additional acreage with the same mixture but added orchard grass to it. We got a great catch this year so we should have a tremendous crop available in 2014. Timothy comes on strong in the first cut but in a dry year we have more alfalfa in the second cut. The orchard grass should allow us to offer more of a grass content in the second cut which will help balance out the protein and energy content in our hay. There are a great many combinations, techniques and methods to growing quality hay. At Northern Quality Farms we will continue to do our best to take advantage of all opportunities to improve our hay.

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    We now have small square bales of beautiful golden oat straw to sell.

    Kevin or Brigitte D’Hondt
    Box 625, Earlton, On., P0J 1E0
    Phone: (705)-563-2140

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