Northern Quality Farms, fresh pork, eggs and hay square bales
Northern Quality Farms, fresh pork, eggs and hay square bales

    Northern Quality Farms

    Fresh Farm Pork for Sale in Earlton, Ontario
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    Kevin and Brigitte D’Hondt along with our children Lourena, Sarah and Leo operate Northern Quality Farms. Our focus is to be your local provider of superior tasting pork. We are also producing high quality timothy alfalfa hay.

    The pigs are humanely raised on our farm with a grain based diet. We do not put any medications or growth enhancements in the feed. There is one extra special element in their diet, ‘WHEY’ from the Thornloe Cheese factory which moistens the meat and enhances the flavour. Based on the positive comments we have received in the past, we can assure you this will be some of the best tasting pork you’ve experienced. We sell the pigs as a half or whole. They are delivered to the abattoir, Belle Vallee Meats. We take orders twice a year, in the winter and midsummer. The pork from the winter orders is usually ready by late June or early July – just in time for BBQ season! The midsummer order is usually ready in November – just in time for Christmas hams and tortières (meat pies) yum! If you are interested let us add your name to our contact list for summer or autumn availability.

    Sustainability, being good stewards of the land, taking care of the environment; these issues are ingrained in us from an early age on the farm. It is our pleasure to carry on this tradition by providing your family with quality service and products from our farm. Please contact us with any enquiries in either French or English (Brigitte is fully bilingual).

    Bonjour et bienvenue à ‘Northern Quality Farms’, opérer par Kevin et Brigitte D’Hondt avec leurs enfants Lourena, Sarah et Leo. Notre passion est de vous offrir du porc naturel, de haute qualité et avec un goût supérieur. Nous sommes déterminés de gagner la réputation de ‘ la ferme de votre choix’. Nous cultivons aussi du foin avec une qualité recherchée avec un mélange de Luzerne et Timothée. S’il vous plait n’hésiter pas de nous appeler pour plus d’informations.

    Kevin or Brigitte D’Hondt
    Box 625, Earlton, On., P0J 1E0
    Phone: (705)-563-2140

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